We operate according to these core values:

 • Character: honesty, fairness and integrity

• Enthusiasm: vigorous commitment to everything we do

• Compassion: unwavering, disciplined support for the patient

• Teamwork: shared leadership and rewards

• Perseverance: diligence and hard work

We expect our patients, our communities, and our stakeholders to hold us accountable to these values.

Levara Health Values

Quality of Care

Quality care is our top priority. We pride ourselves on treating individuals according to best practice. We relentlessly measure ourselves against a wide array of outcomes-based metrics, because everything we do – from the quality of our patient-counselor relationships, to the effectiveness of our treatment teams, to simply being cheerful in the routine course of operations – matters when it comes to results.


Patient-Centered Treatment

Levara’s Patient-Centered Treatment program uses a two-pronged approach to address the medical and behavioral aspects of opioid addiction. This Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) uses Buprenorphine (aka: Suboxone) to address a patient’s physical dependence on Opioids, and team-based Behavioral Counseling to address a patient’s psychological dependence.